Romeo Ferraris attended the 2024 edition of the Col de Turini Tour

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Romeo Ferraris shines on the Monte-Carlo Rally routes during the “Col de Turini Tour 2024”. The event, organized by AutoClass Magazine on May 19th, represents a continuous synergy that started last year between the Savonese header and Romeo Ferraris. It was the eighth edition of this historic driving tour on the streets of the most iconic rally worldwide, and it was also the first event that Romeo Ferraris attended since the start of 2024. For this edition, the route included a total of 195 km, with Èze as the starting stage.

Together with the possibility to enjoy a breathtaking panorama at the wheel of fast and fascinating sports cars, there was the charm of the historical appeal due to the aura that only the Monte-Carlo Rally can offer. Just thinking about the two-sided passage on the Col de Turini, comparable to a temple for rally enthusiasts, which tells about every piece of history that is now etched on its winding hairpin bends. Those streets are faced in every kind of way, from day to night, with their asphalt in perfect condition, iced by the cold, or even by the snow, as it used to happen a while ago.

The AutoClass Magazine event allowed sports cars to participate, and Romeo Ferraris was the first to arrive at this eighth edition of the “Col de Turini Tour” with three models. The spotlight was on the Toyota Yaris GR, the Safety Car of the event, which wore Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires, and Romeo Ferraris’ customization packs, allowing it to deliver a maximum power output of 331 hp by 466 Nm of torque at 4200 rpm. Its 1280 kg of weight are shifted in just 5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h, and thanks to its improved set-up, it proves to be the ideal Safety Car on the hairpins of Monte-Carlo. Together with the Yaris GR, Romeo Ferraris participated with other two cars: the Morgan Plus Six MY2 and the Caterham Seven 485 CSR.

The Plus Six is a model definitely tied with history heritage, just like the streets of the Turini which made the rally famous. The upgrades on the six cylinders version are necessary but never intrusive, allowing its elegance and Morgan style to spark. On the technical side, the Plus Six boasts 340 hp which allow her to reach the top speed of 270 km/h. However, what distinguishes the British car is how handleable the direction switches are, and on such streets as the French ones, it’s actually a crucial quality.

The fastest version of the Caterham Seven still preserves its technical characteristics after 60 years of history, which match some modern upgrades on the mechanical side. The secret comes from the name: 485 represents its power-to-weight ratio, which is 485 hp per ton; moreover, there is a push-rod suspension that follows the current line of Formula 1. The result is a car that makes agility its strong point, with an astonishing “Racing” flavor. The AutoClass Magazine event was a total immersion in history, both for the vehicles and for the streets; an amazing start for Romeo Ferraris’ 2024 events.