Romeo Ferraris today encompasses several activities in one great reality, based on professionalism and pursuit of perfection, always driven by a great passion for engines. As a workshop, tuner, dealer, constructor and racing team, the staff works every day with great commitment to offer a high level of service.

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Michela Cerruti

Top management

Skilled with words and with the steering wheel, she is our landlady. Ironic and stubborn, she loves only her little Vittorio more than her own company.

Mario Ferraris

Top Management

Electronic magician, master of drifting. Like King Midas with gold, whatever he touches, it will go faster immediately.


Lara Tallarini

Head of Administration and HR
In RF since 2008

If she were not there, she would have to be invented. But to repeat her like this would still be impossible. Thank you for existing Talla.

Francesca Conti

Road department accounting
In RF since 2018

The sweetness of his voice would be recognized in the midst of 1,000. Also known as "Pina", she leaves behind a trail of broken hearts.

Roberta Salemi

In RF since 2014

Da più di 10 anni fedele alla Romeo Ferraris, la sua gentilezza e professionalità contraddistinguono il suo operato.

Leonardo Bosco

Service manager
In RF since 2022

Una gradita new entry pronta ad accogliere i nostri clienti con attenzione e scrupolosità. Porta con sé la sua pluriennale esperienza nel service multi marca.

Venanzio Prina

Bentley acceptor
In RF since 2013

At the service of its demanding customers, who look for him and rely on him as they would with a friend.

Luigi Borghi

Borghi Automobili
In RF since 2021

Its elegance and discretion go hand in hand with the great knowledge for cars made in England. A true lord of modern times.

Lorenzo Bennati

Sales Manager Morgan and Caterham
In RF since 2022

Professional and smiling, for the series "sometimes they come back..." After a decade in transalpine land between escargot and baguette, he returned home to live his true love: cars.

Davide Masotti

Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer
In RF since 2020

He came in timidly as a graphic designer. Today he does a thousand million things and shows the world what we do every day.

Matteo Covizzi

Head of roadcars Workshop, Bentley specialist
In RF since 2013

Reliable and tireless, he is not only the most experienced at Bentley, but also coordinates and manages the operational work of the road repair shop.

Paolo Stuani

Mechanical engineer
In RF since 2011

On the factory since his rebirth. He knows all about everything. But above all, he looks for and finds horsepower in every power station.

Cristian Covizzi

Bentley specialist mechanic
In RF since 2015

For 15 years he has been taking care of almost impossible English cases. Every now and then he curses, but in reality he could not live without them.

Luigi Varini

Specialized mechanic
In RF since 1975

He was practically born inside the workshop. He saw the birth, growth and win every inch of our company.

Gaetano Borghi

Borghi Automobili
In RF since 2021

Incurable passionate, tireless professional, "il Tato" is a true artist of vintage mechanics. The jewels of the past, especially if English, have no secrets for him.

Vincenzo Alloro

Morgan and Caterham specialist mechanic
In RF since 2021

No one knows all the secrets of British cars better than he does, of today and yesterday.


In RF since 2012

Tireless professional, do you have a problem? He solves it for you!

Lorenzo Marzi

Mechanic "Junior"
In RF since 2021

Young and willing, has passion to sell and a talent to discover

Roberto Cesarò

Magazzino reparto stradale
In RF dal 2023

La gestione operativa del magazzino passa sotto il suo occhio attento. Non c'è ricambio, vite o bullone che sia in grado di sfuggirgli.



Gabriele Beretta

Head of Racing Department
In RF since 2008

Raised alongside the great Romeo, with his loyal and thorny character, he now manages and coordinates all the activities of the racing department

Alessandro Paolo Taddia

In RF since 2020

Teddy’s passion knows few comparisons. He draws, writes, reorganizes, analyzes. He’d sleep in a race car if we didn’t send him home.

Carlo Machinè

Specialized mechanic racing department
In RF since 2011

From bike to truck, he puts anything back on its feet. Just great. Even in cooking. But don’t make him angry because his hands are bigger than the Hulk.

Mauro Mei Tomasi

Specialized mechanic racing department
In RF since 2008

Over the years, he’s risked leaving fingers and toes down here and there. Trusted mechanic, on track manages the hundreds of tires that our drivers use.

Gabriele Crespiatico

Racing department warehouse
In RF since 2017

With unparalleled passion, he manages spare parts on the track and in the racing department

Gloria Bertuccio

Accounting Racing Department
In RF since 2018

Female point of reference in the racing department. She tries (and manages) to bring order in the chaos of the "racing" rhythms