Privacy policy


Romeo Ferraris Srl, as owner, informs you about the personal data treatment that it makes to propose its offers and to constitute and perform the contracts with its customers.

Which kind of data? 

The data we process are the ones provided by You for the conclusion of the relative contracts following our commercial proposes, as well as the ones You have always provided or anyway generated by the perfomance of the concluded contracts.

In certain circumstances, Romeo Ferraris srl can process Your data coming from public administrations, from public registers or files, from third partners or suppliers.

Which is the purpose of this Treatment? 

Romeo Ferraris Srl can process the data for the following purposes: 

1) Purposes linked to the constitution and management of the contractual relationship, to the issuing of the Services, and/or to the supply of products and to the relative company processes; administrative management; execution of contractual obligations and faculties; support, update and technical information in relation to Romeo Ferraris srl’s services and products; fulfilment of legal requirements linked to behavioural, private, fiscal, accounting, financial aid rules, as well as to the performances that Romeo Ferraris Srl must deliver for justice purposes and for the possible sending of institutional communications requested by public measures.

2) Purposes linked to the prevention and safeguarding of credit risk, such as: the acquisition of initial information at the conclusion of the contractual relationship through the consultation, also via specialized companies, of public and private registers that can include financial information regarding yourself (ex., non-injurious inscriptions and protests), or concerning your identification (ex., public System of prevention of frauds in the area of consumer credit and of deferred payments, with specific reference to Identity Theft) and that will be processed, even together with information already owned by Romeo Ferraris Srl on ongoing or extinguished contracts, for the period of time necessary to handle the matter; operations based on the obligations related to the contractual relationship and the verification in compliance with the respect of the above obligations, also with the purpose of changing the contracts or of establishing new contractual relationships; the safeguard, also in court, of the contractual and credit claims of Romeo Ferraris Srl.

3) Operative Management, strictly connected to the execution of the operation related to the admission of your car, including the monitoring of the satisfaction level of the clients; 

4) Market researches, economical and statistic analysis; social, cultural, solidarity intitiatives; commercial information; marketing and references; sending by Romeo Ferraris Srl of informative/promotional material and udpates about initiatives and offers of our Company, and/or third companies that work in collaboration with Romeo Ferraris Srl, as well as concerning programs and promotions, even online, aimed at awarding customers. Processing and proposing offers, refinement, adjustment and innovation of services and contents through the profiling and the statistics of the specific preferences and of individual and client consuption data, including the ones regarding the utilization of applications connected to the services provided by Romeo Ferraris Srl and to the accession, participation and exercise of other promotional initiatives of Romeo Ferraris Srl. 

Which processes are necessary and which are optional?

The processes described at point 1) are necessary to form and carry out the contracts and to be in compliance with legal obligations. Also the processes described at point 2) are necessary to form and carry out the contracts and anyway to the prosecution of the legitimate interest of Romeo Ferraris Srl in the correct formation and constitution of the relationship, in accomplishing the relative legal obligations and, in any case, in safeguarding its contractual claims. The processes described at point 3) are also strictly necessary for the provision of Romeo Ferraris Srl’s services, in the context of the target market. The acquisition of data for the purposes indicated at points 1), 2) and 3) is therefore necessary and is a fondamental requirement for the conclusion and the constitution of the contract, in lack of which it wouldn’t be possible to activate and provide the service.

The processes described at point 4) depend on Your agreement and are not necessary for the conclusion of the contracts and the provision of the services. There are no consequences in case of a refusal of Yours or in case of the withdrawal of the given consent, which is always possible without affecting the legality of the process made before the withdrawal.  Romeo Ferraris Srl, unless differently permitted by law, will be only unable to assure you more information on the development of its services and a better adjustment of them towards Your needs. The communications mentioned at point 4) can be issued in a traditional way (ex., ordinary mail, phone calls via operator), automated and comprehensible (ex., e-mail, sms, mms). You will always be able to exercise the right of objection, in the ways shown at the bottom. The objection, without a different indication from Your side, will be referred both to the traditional communications and to the aumated ones. Again using the ways indicated at the bottom, you will also be able to specify if You intend to give consent only for the communications sent in a traditional way.

Who can they be communicated to? 

Your data, for the application of the processes mentioned at points 1), 2), 3), 4), can be communicated and/or distributed or anyway transferred – also from abroad, inside an outside of the European Union, in compliance with the rights and the garantees required by current law – to other organizations connected to the sales network of Romeo Ferraris Srl (ex., agents/call center, dealers, distributors, etc.), to our suppliers, sub-contractors and/or financial intermediaries, when engaged in the execution of our orders (ex. Lenders of IT and telematic services, also cloud, for assistance to customers, maintenance and technical assistance, installation, administration, invoicing, bagging and shipping, market researches aimed to detect the level of satisfaction of clients, etc.), to people, companies, associations or professional offices that offer assistance and consulting activities towards our Company, to banks and lenders of payment services, data processing centers, players that operate for the verification and prevention of identity theft, collection agencies and that exercise commercial information activities also concerning the credit risk and fraud prevention, to public players, for the granting of any kind of contributions and aids connected to the performance of Romeo Ferraris’ services, to administrations and other public authorities in compliance with legal obligations. In case of transfers outside the European Union, they will be limited to the Countries for which an adequacy decision has been adopted from the UE Commission or anyway will be subjected to adequate garantees following UE regulations n. 679/2016. You will be able to ask the relative information, including a copy of the data or the indication of the place where they have been made available, referring to the contacts of the Privacy Office mentioned at the bottom.

In which way and how long the data are processed?

Romeo Ferraris Srl treats the data in compliance with the respect of adequate safety measures, also to prevent from non-authorized or illegal processes and the incidental distribution or loss of the data. The processes are executed by Romeo Ferraris Srl as owner, by its different kind of delegates (internal or external) identified and engaged for the purpose and placed under the authority of Romeo Ferraris Srl itself, as well as the other recipients mentioned above. The processes are executed manually and/or electronically.

The data have been processed for the time necessary for the whole duration of the constituted contractual relationship. After the conclusion of the contract, the data are processed for a maximum period of 10 years, for the purposes of managing the contractual relationship and its possible tails, as well as, in case You gave the consent mentioned at point 4), for the purposes there indicated.

In this last case, even after the conclusion of the conctract, it remains valid Your right to object against the prosecution of the processes, with the withdrawal of the consent already given. Romeo Ferraris Srl will keep and, if it is the case, will process the data even later in order to accomplish all the legal obligations and for the defense, also in court, of its interests, for the time required by the applicable rules or necessary for the conclusion at any effect of the insurgent disputes.

Which are Your rights? 

You have the right to request the access to Your personal data, the correction or cancellation of them, the limitation of the processes regarding yourself, as well as to object against these processes, even those made for the purposes mentioned at point 4) previously. Like it has been said, concerning the processes with promotional and commercial purposes, You have the right to withdrawal the consent at any time, without affecting the legality of the processes based on the consent given before the withdrawal. You also have the right to propose a claim to the Guarantor for the protection of personal data in the required ways.

Who can you contact? 

Romeo Ferraris Srl  - via Lambro 33 – 20073 Opera (MI) Italy

For the exercise of your rights, you can send a communication to the following contacts: