A range of models ranging from 85 HP to 237 HP, all very light, all powerful: these are the five Seven variants of Caterham, which offer technical features for all tastes, for every level of driving experience.

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A lively, small, sports car

Caterham has always put the driver experience at the center of everything, constantly striving to reduce the weight of the car, increase the power and offer an exciting drive both on the road and on the racetrack.

CATERHAMsimplify and lighten

Cars built entirely and exclusively in Great Britain, they have everything a driver desires.

Cars designed to savor all the pleasure of traveling. Journey in which adrenaline is guaranteed from the first acceleration (0-100 in 3.4 "), which is just a first taste of the pure and reactive driving experience, without the frills that stand between you and your engine.


A clear philosophy

From 1957 to today, the line of the legendary Seven has always evolved, respecting the past and attracting new amateurs thanks to a clear philosophy: simplify and always aim for maximum lightness, to guarantee fun.

S pack or R pack

Whether you are a track or street type, Caterham has the perfect set-up for you: S pack or R pack, always and in any case for sporty souls and strong personalities.

With Caterham cars, control is in the hands of those behind the wheel, to give the satisfaction of being able to drive without controls and test their skills.


Caterham Cars official service

Designed to brave the roads and the racetracks, the Seven need special care that only a specialized workshop like ours can provide.


Seven 170

It’s said that the best things come in small packages. A sentiment our diminutive Seven has continued to affirm for over 60 years.


If you’re looking for the one, all-conquering Caterham that can do everything, then look no further…

Seven 485

- COMING SOON - In the current Euro 6-approved Seven range, the 485 is the top model, the most performing version. Uncompromising performance for those who want to have fun on the racetrack and on the road with results comparable only to real SuperCars, whose purchase and maintenance costs are much more reasonable.

Seven 485 CSR

- COMING SOON - Based on the most powerful of the Caterham House, the CSR version of the Seven 485 model was born, fitted with the Ford 2.0 Duratec Euro 6 engine and equipped with a top-of-the-range set-up for the sports car distributed on the European market.