Cars that represent the perfect fusion between tradition and elegance characterized by a classic and unmistakable line - but always very current. Unique pieces of the highest craftsmanship for true beauty lovers.

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On the road

On board a Morgan you really feel the road, thanks to its lowered stance and lightweight structure.


Aluminum, wood and leather. Here are the three basic materials that make up a Morgan. Ash wood - light and flexible - is used for some elements of the frame, which acts as a structure and on which the external aluminum panels are applied, as well as hosting interiors covered with the finest leather.

The three materials are folded - literally - by the craftsmen of the House of Malvern, who still today build every single element of the cars by hand. It is thanks to this craftsmanship that each Morgan can be said to be truly tailor-made for the final owner.


The origins on 3 wheels

The first model built by the Malvern house, in a contemporary re-edition that recovers its stylistic features and the classic start button. On a Super 3 it is not the destination that counts, but the experience of the journey above all.

Current models

While remaining firmly in the footsteps of tradition, Morgan evolves its models with highly calibrated modernizations, which offer lovers of 'pure' driving a new mechanism that allows you to enjoy every movement.

Officina autorizzata Morgan Motors


Morgan Motors official service

We are proud to be the only Morgan Motors official service in Italy and to be able to offer to the lovers of such ‘jewels on wheels’ all the care that they need and deserve.


Morgan Plus Four

Plus Four

Morgan Plus Four: classical silhouette, contemporary technology and tradational features.

Super 3

The Morgan Super 3 is an act of rebellion against stereotypes related to motoring, it is original and endowed with great charm and character.