Mediolanum Fidenza gives the opportunity to test drive Romeo Ferraris’ cars

Logo Romeo Ferraris

On Wednesday, June 5th, Mediolanum Fidenza hosted a splendid event with Romeo Ferraris. The Milan-based company brought three cars from its car fleet, a Caterham and two Morgan, to give the chance to test drive them in Fidenza, near Parma. The staff was involved during the whole day in the event, located in Emilia Romagna, an iconic region in Italy for motorsport and a key strategic market area, not to mention a cultural and economic heritage. Fidenza is right in the middle of it, being the motherland of Food Valley and Motor Valley.

The three cars used for the occasion were the Caterham 485 CSR, the Morgan Plus Six, and the Morgan Plus 4 - three models that perfectly represent the company from Opera, both for their elegance and power. The Caterham 485 CSR features a 228-horsepower 1999cc Ford Duratec engine with a 5-speed manual transmission. The interior sees Alcantara center tunnel upholstery, while its chassis and wheels are CSR-made. The Caterham Cars 24-month official warranty is available upon purchase of the model. The Morgan Plus Six boasts a 2998cc, 340 horsepower engine with inline 6 cylinders and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The interior is leather upholstered. An official 30-month manufacturer’s warranty is available also in this case. The Morgan Plus 4 features a 258,horsepower, 2000cc engine with leather interior and an official warranty of 24 months.

The event was coordinated by Romeo Ferraris’ General Manager Michela Cerruti and the Technical Director Mario Ferraris. Both have a history as racing drivers, and now they represent the new management line of the company. Lorenzo Bennati, Morgan and Caterham’s sales manager, was also there as an expert on the models. The test drives started at 9:30 am and ended at 5:00 pm, offering Mediolanum’s clients the possibility of a unique and enchanting experience.