Romeo Ferraris custom range Bmw M

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The well-known Milan tuner Romeo Ferraris offers created kits to customers who own a BMW M range to personalize their car.

Romeo Ferraris additional PowerOne modules are designed to allow engines, in particular to the latest generation turbo, to use one hundred percent of their potential. The module connects to the ECU sensors and works with particularly fast update cycles. The result is a marked increase both as regards the power both as regards the maximum torque. And it is suitable for high-performance cars because of the extremely “fine” adjustments that characterize it. The PoweOne modules for model M 135i 3.0 TB 320 bhp for example, allow the car with 320 hp as standard with a power increase of +39 hp, acceleration passing from 5.1 seconds to 4.7 seconds in the standard modified version. The original 450 Nm torque has also been increased by + 56 Nm. Another example is the PowerOne control module M4 3.0 TB, which allows the car to 431 hp as standard with a power increase of +81 hp, acceleration that It rose from 4.1 seconds to 3.9 seconds as standard as amended.

The original pair of 550 Nm was also increased by + 120 Nm. M135i 3.0 tb 320 hp +39 hp. M235i 3.0 tb 320 cv + 39cv. M3 3.0 tb 431 cv + 81cv. M4 3.0 tb 431 cv + 81cv. M5 4.4 tb 560 cv + 75cv. M6 4.4 tb 560 cv + 75cv. X5 M 4.4. tb 575 cv + 61cv. X6 M 4.4 tb 575 cv + 61cv. The customizations in Romeo Ferraris atelier are almost endless. For the BMW M range cars are available totally personalized structure, with the possibility of height adjustments and calibration, to give the car a more aggressive look and an improved handling. As regards the exhaust system, Romeo Ferraris develops custom exhaust lines with sport catalysts and terminals with or without valves. The kit sound allows the owner to control the sound of the exhaust by the use of a remote control, allowing to switch from a quieter sound to a more aggressive and sportive one. For owners of BMW M are also available high performance air filters, and turbocharger kit specially made for aspirated models.

With a wide selection of fine materials, the aesthetic customization offered by Romeo Ferraris for the BMW M range customers is the next step for a total customization. In fact realizations of fully customizable graphics, and details in carbon fiber are available to give to your car a more refined and at the same time aggressive look.