NUOVA Caterham Super Seven 600 & 2000

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We are pleased to welcome two new models to our heritage range; the Super Seven 600 and 2000. 

Ahead of the brand’s 50th anniversary the latest editions take inspiration from the Caterham’s early ‘Super Sevens’ introduced in the 1970s and popularised through the 1980s; a classic, British, lightweight, two-seater sports car with the perfect blend of style and performance, yet re-imagined for the 21st century.

Super Seven 600

Engine: Suzuki 660cc Turbocharged Engine

0-100Kmh: 6.9s
Max Speed: 168kmh
Power: 85cv

Super Seven 2000

Engine: Ford 2.000 Duratec

0-100Kmh: 4.8s
Max Speed: 208kmh
Power: 182cv