The Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR by Romeo Ferris ready for the Wuhan challenge

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It’s intense working days for the crews of Team Mulsanne and Romeo Ferraris, as their Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR cars have made the journey between Ningbo and Wuhan, two towns that are key players in the industrial fabric of China, but with very different tracks. While Ningbo is a traditional circuit, Wuhan is a street track, the third out of four in the season after Marrakesh and Vila Real and ahead of Macau, which hosts the FIA WTCR grand finale. Kevin Ceccon and Fabrizio Giovanardi, as the entire team, are ready to restart their work from where it was left a few days ago, at the doorstep of the Top-10. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta TCR by Romeo Ferraris will also be in action at Monza for the season-closing round of the TCR Italy. One will be in the hands of Gigi Ferrara, who’ll be fighting for the title on behalf of the V-Action squad, while Otto Motorsport will be back with two cars, one for Edoardo Cappello, Mugello race 2’s winner, and one for Adriano Bernazzani.

Michela Cerruti, Romeo Ferraris Operations Manager
“We are fully living the Chinese way in-between Ningbo and Wuhan. On top of working on the cars of Kevin and Fabrizio in the WTCR, we have followed the car entered in the TCR China last weekend, while this coming weekend we will be busy also in the Italian series. I am proud of the great work that the entire team is producing, despite the tight schedules, and this is very rewarding.”  

Kevin Ceccon
“I think it has been a strange week-end. In Slovakia, despite the big pressure we had, everything went well. Here in China in Saturday’s qualy we’re close to achieve an historical performance, but the red flag prevented us to take the sixth fastest time, and start from the 3rd row on the grid. Unfortunately, Sunday we haven’t been able to run on the same pace, but we fought anyway for top-10 in all races. Race 3’s red flag prevented also us to play on the tyres degradation, as almost everybody changed on fresher tyres on the grid. Looking at Wuhan I’m pretty confident for a street circuit, which I’ve always loved in my career so far”.

Fabrizio Giovanardi
“After Slovakia Ring we knew Ningbo would have been a bit more complicated for our cars’ skills. We had to struggle a bit on the first day, and then after Sunday’s qualifying we decided to replace the engine on my car. At that point, the performance was much better, but starting from the back, Top-10 was too far. Looking at Wuhan, in a street circuit anything could happen, as in Marrakech and in Vila Real before. Hopefully we can be competitive in qualifying and then build up our opportunities in the races”.