Wrc Championship, great results for Andolfi and De Tommaso in Montecarlo

Two crews of Italy and ACI Team Romeo Ferraris have been the major players in the Principality. With the last three runs played on Sunday, including the celebrated Turini trail, the Montecarlo Rally ended with a good result and the first Andolfi-Fenoli and De Tommaso-Bosi overall experience. Fabio Andolfi ranked 23rd absolute and 3rd in the WRC 3 class, followed by Damiano De Tommaso who finished rispectively 24th and 4th . The two crews completed all the 16... read more

Romeo Ferraris presents the Giulietta Tcr in Monza

Autodromo di Monza, January 23, 2016 The Giulietta Romeo Ferraris makes its first public debut during the presentation of the Italian TCR Championship. A car that catched the organizers eye, created enthusiasm and standed out among other competitors for originality and detail attention. “There are cars still under developement, for this reason we decided to postpone the beginning of 2016 season from April 17th to May 22nd ” said Marazzi, Italian... read more

Who says that a diesel car can not “sound” like a petrol?

The amazing solution already adopted by prestigious car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, VW and Maserati is now feasible by Romeo Ferraris for almost all models. The system consists of a one or two “resonators”, specifically designed for this purpose, placed in a drain terminal built according to the characteristics required by the customer. This solution allows to obtain about 6 kinds of different sounds of gasoline engines until the classic American... read more

First test for Romeo Ferraris Giulietta TCR

Cremona, December 3, 2015 It took place yesterday and Tuesday the first tests of the Giulietta Romeo Ferraris signed for the International Championship TCR on the track of San Martino del Lago in Cremona. “A car beyond our expectations,” comments the drivers, pilots of the caliber of Michela Cerruti and Salvatore Tavano, they were very impressed by the performance of the last creation of Home Ferraris. Despite initial adverse weather conditions during... read more

Romeo Ferraris custom range Bmw M

The well-known Milan tuner Romeo Ferraris offers created kits to customers who own a BMW M range to personalize their car. Romeo Ferraris additional PowerOne modules are designed to allow engines, in particular to the latest generation turbo, to use one hundred percent of their potential. The module connects to the ECU sensors and works with particularly fast update cycles. The result is a marked increase both as regards the power both as regards the maximum... read more

Romeo Ferraris PRESENTS Giulietta Tcr

Romeo Ferraris has today released the first image of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta developed for TCR Series. “It ‘been a long and hard work and we wanted to bring on track the Giulietta before the end of the season – said Mario Ferraris – The car is now ready and we have already tested the engine with promising results. Now we can take the technical development on track”. The first Giulietta test took place in the first week of November; the... read more

Romeo Ferraris personalizza la gamma AMG

Il noto preparatore milanese Romeo Ferraris mette a disposizione dei clienti possessori di AMG dei kit creati ad hoc per personalizzare la propria vettura. Moduli PowerOne Romeo Ferraris I moduli aggiuntivi PowerOne di Romeo Ferraris sono pensati per permettere ai propulsori, in particolare ai turbo di ultima generazione, di utilizzare il cento per cento del loro potenziale. Il modulo si collega ai sensori della centralina originale e lavora con cicli di... read more