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Once I have the electronic upgrade installed can go against issues with servicing? No, it does not go against any problem. Romeo Ferraris S.r.l. is an authorized Bosch Car Service center, this recognizes the possibility to do maintenance and repairing on any car without void the official warranty. That’s why many customers choose to make the car servicing and repairs in our workshop.

Installation Time

How long does it take to install an electronic upgrade? The average time needed to install an electronic upgrade is about two hours.

FAP (Particulate Filter)

My car has the FAP (particulate filter), does it carries some risk or problem? There is no problem to make the electronic upgrade of a car with FAP, you only need to act differently on the parameters.

Waiting time

Can I wait for the car while it is being electronically upgraded? Of course, our hospitality area is equipped with every comfort and service to make the wait more enjoyable. We are also equipped with a business area where you can see your e-mail, visit websites or connect with your computer through our Wi-Fi network, reading a newspaper or drinking coffee.

Back to original mapping

Can I go back to the original state of the control unit in case I need it? Yes of course. In the moment you come in our workshop to upgrade the electronic, its original file is saved, to give the customer the chance to return to the stock configuration with no additional costs.

Engine and gearbox reliability

Is the reliability of the engine or transmission compromised? No, because the engines that equip the modern cars are designed to carry more hp than original power. The original power output is also conditioned by the different fuel types available in Europe.


Is the upgrade visible during a car check? No, the electronic upgrade is not visible to the naked eye.

Warranty on the control unit

Do you offer a guarantee? Yes, we offer a three year warranty on the electronic upgrade and two years on the additional modules.

Replacement car

Replacement car. Do you have a courtesy car? Yes, our workshop offers courtesy cars.

Breakdown service

Do you offer breakdown service? Certainly, we are equipped for the recovery of cars and motorcycles by tow truck.


Does the electronic upgrade increases fuel consumption? No. On extra-urban roads or motorways at a constant speed Diesel engines reduce their consumption by 6-7%.