Control units / Modules

In Romeo Ferraris engineers are committed to the development of new software for  better coordination and operation of the engine components, to get the best possible performance, always in total safety and reliability. Since sometimes there is no possibility to tune the ecu, we developed additional modules that interact with it. These modules guarantee the same results of reprogramming, with the added bonus of being able to uninstall the product easily, if necessary. We give the possibility to choose between two solutions, PowerOne module and EcoModulo.  Additional Romeo Ferraris PowerOne modules are designed to allow the engine to use 100% of their potential, expecially in the last generation turbo ones.

The module connects to the sensors of the original unit and works with particularly fast refresh cycles. The result is a marked increase of both power and torque. It is suitable for high performance cars because of its extremely fine adjustments.

The additional Romeo Ferraris EcoModulo has as main purpose to increase the useful range in which the modern turbo diesel engines provide the best performance and lower fuel consumption. The result is an increase of torque and power that, in addition to increasing the efficiency and performance, makes the car more enjoyable in daily use. With this type of intervention, as regards diesel engines, consumption reduction in the order of 10% are noted.

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