The amazing solution already adopted by prestigious car manufacturers such as BMW, Audi, VW and Maserati is now feasible by Romeo Ferraris for almost all models.

The system consists of a one or two “resonators”, specifically designed for this purpose, placed in a drain terminal built according to the characteristics required by the customer. This solution allows to obtain about 6 kinds of different sounds of gasoline engines until the classic American V8. The product is interfaced with the Can bus system of the car from which it takes the signal that modulates the sound according to the pressure exerted on the accelerator pedal.

The sound is then manageable in volume and intensity, through a button located inside the car. This solution thus allows to give a pleasant “voice” to the diesel sport spirit model but being powered by Diesel engines they does not emit the sound that anyone would expect to hear. Ask more information or come and visit us in our factory!