PowerOne ECU module for Bmw X4 28 i 2,0 Tb 245 cv

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PowerOne ECU module for Bmw X4 28 i 2,0 Tb 245 cv

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Thanks to the Romeo Ferraris PowerOne the power increases by 31 hp and the stock torque, 350 Nm, gets a 71 Nm gain.
Each increase produces a corresponding performance improvement: 0-100 km/h acceleration goes from 6,4 s to 6,1 s and the top speed from 232 Km/h reaches 236 Km/h.

Additional Romeo Ferraris PowerOne modules are designed to allow the engine to use one hundred percent of their potential, particularly in the last generation turbo ones. The module connects to the OEM ECU sensors and works with particularly fast refresh cycles. The result is a consistent performance increase in terms of power and torque. The PowerOne is extremely suitable for high-performance cars due to the fine level of tuning allowed.

Procedure: the high quality of the product and the procedure provides top levels of performance and reliability. The module can be easily removed and reinstalled in case of service interventions.

Reliability: the PowerOne module guarantees the same reliability level of the original car.

Before After
Power 245 hp + 31 hp
Torque 350 Nm + 71 Nm
0-100 km/h acceleration 6,4 sec 6,1 sec
Top Speed 232 km/h 236 km/h


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