ECU upgrade/reflash for Volvo V50 d2 1,6 Td 115 cv

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ECU upgrade/reflash for Volvo V50 d2 1,6 Td 115 cv

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Thanks to the electronic upgrade the power increases by 25 hp and the stock torque, 270 Nm, gets a 42 Nm gain.
Each increase produces a corresponding performance improvement: 0-100 km/h acceleration goes from 11,5 s to 10,6 s and the top speed from 195 Km/h reaches 202 Km/h.

The ECU upgrade by Romeo Ferraris improves car performance increasing power and torque. In addition to that, on diesel engines at a constant speed, a 10% decrease in fuel consumption has been observed.

Procedure: all new engines are tested on the dyno in order to provide the technicians with the data they need.
During the dyno testing Romeo Ferraris R&D crew develop a new base engine map that will be used for the whole engine family.

Reliability: all the procedure follows the same quality standards used by the OEM manufacturers, Romeo Ferraris guarantees the same reliability of the original product.

Before After
Power 115 hp + 25 hp
Torque 270 Nm + 42 Nm
0-100 km/h acceleration 11,5 sec 10,6 sec
Top Speed 195 km/h 202 km/h


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